Santorini - The Most Beautiful Greek Island



There's some excellent news about Akrotiri (the Pompei of the Aegean). The remediation has been continuous for several years and is now 70% total. It is anticipated to re-open in May 2011. You'll admire this ancient city, well protected under lava and ashes. Even if you're just on the island for a day it needs to not be missed out on.


If you are a beach person, there is plenty to select from, but the very best part is checking out the island either by yourself or with a trip. Stop at a few of the smaller sized towns. Picture strolling down streets so narrow that you can extend your arms out and touch structures on either side. Stop at a winery and sample a glass while you sit and watch the sundown over the lovely Aegean Sea. It does not get any much better!


n remaining in a few of the other towns on the island. Perissa Beach is among the very best locations to remain. It's quieter than Fira and there are lots of hotels, hostels, and pensions to select from. Santorini has great bus service, so you can simply get on and do your very own trip to the island. If you are more daring you can lease a motor scooter and after that, there are the donkeys. They were when used to carry individuals from the fortify the high cliffs to Fira. Nowadays there is a cable television cars and truck, but you still see donkeys on parade every now and then and can even opt for a flight on one.


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